Our approach to Writing

We believe it is important that children have daily opportunities to write. This may be in English or could be in other foundation subjects. It is also important that writing should be for a real and stated purpose. Children are taught to adapt their style of writing for different text types or genres.

We use a range of quality texts as a starting point for our writing work and each class has a Working Wall which reflects what they are learning, as well as having a focus on the development of language and vocabulary. These help to inspire the children and to give them a range of ideas and vocabulary that they can draw on in their own writing.

Through the use of modelled, shared and guided writing, children are supported to write a range of compositions in every year group. As they progress through the school, they are taught how to edit and improve their writing. Over the course of a year, children will produce a number of extended pieces of writing.

Writing Assessment Grids:

Y1 Writing Assessment Grid
Y2 Writing Assessment Grid
Y3 Writing Assessment Grid
Y4 Writing Assessment Grid
Y5 Writing Assessment Grid
Y6 Writing Assessment Grid

Our Curriculum:
Our Writing Curriculum