St James’ Church

St James’ Church

Staff from the church regularly lead our morning worship every Tuesday and we have services at church for Harvest, Christmas, Easter and our Year 6 leavers’ service. Classes often visit the church as part of the RE curriculum.

You can find out more about St James’ Church here.

The role of Chaplaincy

We are blessed to have school chaplains within our Trust. St James enjoys welcoming our chaplains into the school.

Our chaplains enable guardianship of;

  • Christian ethos of our Trust and schools
  • Spiritual flourishing
  • To model leadership and Courageous Advocacy

Our staff, pupils and wider community benefit from chaplaincy in the following ways;

  • Supporting the spiritual wellbeing of young people and staff
  • Offering opportunities to worship and to explore the Christian faith
  • Supporting emotional development
  • Supporting those in established faith journeys to grow and develop their spiritual life
  • Offering prayer and spiritual guidance to groups and individuals
  • Supporting the school as a place where staff and young people feel cared for and safe.
  • Building further links between the school and church, and between the school and the wider community, including other denominations and faith communities

If parents/carers wish to engage with our chaplains, please contact the school office